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We're passionate about wallcoverings!



Already well known and respected in the interior design world, BN Wallcoverings are recognised for quality and beautiful design. Our studio works with internationally renowned designers, creating innovative, inspiring wallcoverings, which are sold worldwide. We're delighted to show our latest ranges here, and these are available now through carefully selected stockists.





New collections are designed by our creative in-house studio, who aim to incorporate the latest trends and technical innovations in our products. The creativity of our designers, in combination with the care and precision that characterize our work, result in graphic designs that have been used in many projects around the globe.


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Shadows on the wall

Both BN wallcoverings and design studio brand Van Egmond
Are committed to high quality, exclusive design and a traditional approach.

Shadow on the wall is the beautiful result of this unique cooperation.
By Tektura

“Wall coverings define space, just like light does.The reflections and shadows
Created by our light sculptures were easily translated into wallcoverings, hence

The name Shadow on the wall.
Wallpaper Art / digital art
The collection wallpaper power unlimited by  nono (logo)
Wallpaper Art

The wallpaper power collection is printed on smartpaper. Smartpaper is easy to hang,the glue can be rolled onto the wall And the dry lenghths can be applied to the wall,it is washable And also has the advantage that after many years that each Lenghth can be removed without little effort. All murals are Supplied in panels of 46.5cm wide and 280cm long.

Wallpaper mini power / childerns designs
mini power / childerns designs
Wallpower next
Wallpower next